Tamboer sal jou roer! Drumming the rhythm and setting the pace since 1999.

Round about now!

On many of our trips the theme song is "Blue Eyes" by the Springbok Nude Girls.

The rugby and the road trip

Christmas day today, but what a year it has been. The last part of the ZA2023 holiday was the rugby world cup in South Africa and a road trip.

Hluhluwe-Umfolozi and Addo

Going from Kosi Bay in the north close to Mozambique to the southern tip of South Africa can be fun if done right.

Black Rock and Dog Point Walks

We spent October 2023 in Kosi Bay and walked to Dog Point and Black Rock beaches.

Kosi Bay, South Africa 2023

The time we returned to spend seven magical days back in our place in Kosi Bay after an absence of five years.

Twickenham Thrashing

What glorius things can happen when a serendipitous ticket, collective karma, produce the biggest thrashing by the Springbokke against the All Blacks in a thrilling spectacle to a sold out crowd.

Switzerland Solo Bike trip

The original plan was to go to Lake Como but then Switzerland, wow!

Waregem Golf

I stopped playing golf in 2017 but started again this year. There is room for improvement.

Inspecting the hedges

Doing the hedges every year is such a laborous event for me I have to find some fun in it

Somewhere in France

We were lucky to be able to break away somewhere during COVID times.


My one big regret in life is that I cannot make enough biltong

Backyard golf in Anzegem

Sometimes my golf is so good I can hit 5 balls and find them back before the farmer does.

Yamaha Tenere 700

I have not been writing much lately. I have been riding my bike.

Cycling in Belgium

I love the rich cycling history and opportunity to cycle myself.

Living in Anzegem

A slice of life from Anzegem, Belgium

Curtrycke beach rugby 2022 for non rugby players.

Every year Curtrycke Rugby Club organizes a beach rugby tournament.

Baviaans bikepacking trip.

Travelling all the gravel back roads between George and Jeffreys Bay in Western Cape in South Africa with 5 friends from Belgium.

Great day out at Nokere Eventing.

Fact: We get more and more distracted daily.

If I have a moment free between tasks I reach for my phone. If my computer is compiling too slowly I reach for my phone.


Wat is nou lekkerder as om salig ongestoord 'n lekker potjie te maak op nasionale feesdag van Belgiese.

First bikepacking trip.

Two day cycle trip and camping (Anzegem, Roubaix, Zonnebeke, Kortrijk and back)

Yellow rubber kitchen gloves

Women are magicians. Men can never find anything in their own house when touched by a woman. Not their socks or their favourite golf shirt. If a man even thinks his wife touched something it dissappears instantly. God knows what she wants to do with his toothbrush. Lets not dwell on that. It has to do with how men's minds are geared.

Big rugby is losing it (work in progress)

Professional rugby is getting everything wrong. By everything I mean, the money, the broadcasting, the refereeing, the TMO. Rugby has to compete for a place in world wide sport on TV or streaming and in this process they are losing the spirit of rugby.

The longest hitch hike (2900km)

Oh Namibia you beauty! The time I decided on a whim to cross a whole African country.

Ronde van Vlaanderen Verkenning

Die son het geskyn en in die week voor die RVV 2021 het ek en Hubert die Kwaremont, Koppenberg en Muur gaan bekyk.

Belle Epoque

The beautiful epoch, the era where everything was possible. So why did a war follow such good times?

NFT's, CryptoCats and the Kubus Koning

How important will NFT's be in the near future? Is NFT's not the same as the Kubus koning's rotten milk scheme?

My old trusty rusty MTB vs 2 gravel bikes

Glorious day. Last week it was minus 5 degrees and today it is 15 degrees so we just had to go out and enjoy it.

Meetjesland Tamboer

En 'n bietjie meer oor hierdie Tamboer?


Die resep van my ma moet jy probeer!

Thomas More

What was there to contemplate 500 years ago? The crops was growing and the weather was still mostly fine. Was he unhappy? Was he longing for the past, which is always better than the present and not as bright and shiny as the future?

Snowy MTB Cycle

When it snows you have two choices, stay inside at the fire or go play outside. Or do both!

Sak vir ses van die bestes

On how normal and accepted corporal punishment was in my day.

Die Blou Bruggie Bunnyhop

Challenge life or perish.

Trading in real value or warping the truth.

Sowing lies to harvest the carnage.

Family fest with Wulder

On a hot day in Lauwe the family came together to celebrate.

Woorde met mening! Legendary words!

Etymology / Etimologie